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FruitBreeze ensures a top quality mango production during the 26 weeks of harvest

During period 4 FruitBreeze gathers fresh mango from Culiacan; Northern Mexico area - Keitt variety also available, according to market demand -

Total loads per variety


In 2022, FruitBreeze packs over 27 million kilos of top quality fresh mangoes, through its owned packing facilities located in Mexico

FruitBreeze's production capacity guarantees full supply to its customers

FruitBreeze's fresh mango production trend, 2022-2025


More than 10 certifications and awards guarantee the quality of our mangoes

Largest grower of fresh mango in Michoacan, Mexico, a state known for its top quality arable land. Owns more than 1,000 hectares of land for mangoes

But it's not only about volume, taste matters!


FruitBreeze's Brix degrees top records are higher than the national average in Mexico 

Top 5 mango exporters
(Thousands of tons)


Mexico is the largest mango exporter in the world

*Source: Mexican Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock & Rural Development

FruitBreeze is on the top of fresh mango exporters in Mexico

FruitBreeze exports registered under several different brand names

2021 Mexican fresh mango exporters

Packaging in 4 kg box or 10 kg box, either with FruitBreeze's brand or with customers private brands
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